TConnector Data Acquisition Component

TConnector ActiveX makes data acquisition, data capture and data collection really easy! This data acquisition ActiveX control captures data from devices like barcode readers, scanners, gauges, etc with only 5 function calls. The slim API supports RS232

Alluring Watch Acquisition  v.1.0

Alluring Watch Acquisition is yet another exciting game. Assume that your dad bought an expensive watch from Swiss. But your dad hide that watch in your house in order to avoid you wearing that. Now you wish to wear that watch for a party.


RFactor Data Acquisition Plugin  v.1. 3. 2002

Since its initial release, the Data Acquisition plugin has been a favorite for all rFactor setup makers. The version was initially released without support for Motec i2 Pro, but the version 1.32 now has that support.

IC Imaging Control - image acquisition components  v.3.0

IC Imaging Control is a family of image acquisition components that offers developers easy programmatic access to WDM video sources: Set and adjust device parameters; save images and sequences; compress data with codecs;

Acquisition Italian Pack  v.132.7

Acquisition Italian Pack is an Italian localization pack (developer authorized) for the well-known and most imitated Gnutella/BitTorrent file sharing client fully written in Cocoa with a beautiful Aqua interface.

Acquisition Trad. Chinese Pack  v.130.4

Traditional Chinese localization pack (developer authorized) for the beautiful, powerful and flawless Mac P2P, Acquisition.

Morena - Image Acquisition Framework for Java Platform  v.

A package which enables you to connect to a scanner or camera directly from your Java application.

Jam--Nuclear Physics Data Acquisition  v.2.4.19

Jam is an easy-to-use self-contained data acquisition and analysis system for VME-based (or CAMAC-based) nuclear physics experiments.

Python Serial Data Acquisition  v.0.1.1

The Serial Data Acquisition is a lightweight data acquisition system able to parse a vast majority of mostly unidirectional streams.

TOM2 acquisition  v.1.0

Acquisition software for electron microscopes.

Knowledge Acquisition Widget - kaw  v.3

current build is now 12_8_11:Code reformulation, not only to improve/repair, but also to take into account libraries that I don't release (e.

Universal Real-Time Oscilloscope Library

Fast universal oscilloscope GUI library for data acquisition, simulation. Advantages: 1. Performance: Over a million quantization steps of signal per second. 2. Versatility, convenient integration: the oscilloscope is executed as a DLL. 3. A

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